Album Review: “Bend Beyond” by Woods

by waitingonanikki

This will be my first ever music review, of an album I’ve enjoyed very much. The new Woods album, “Bend Beyond” is the seventh album from the band Woods. It was released September 18th, 2012.

Album Cover for Bend Beyond by Woods


The sound of Woods and their past albums has typically been described as folk and lo-fi. I had never listened to them before “Bend Beyond”, but I absolutely love this album. It’s modern without being overly edgy. Jeremy Earl, on vocals and guitar has lovely light voice throughout the entire thing. Even when he curses, it sounds absolutely sweet. The album is full of calming, steady, lively yet relaxing beats. Bend Beyond is one album to listen to by yourself, with a lover, or in the background of a small gathering. It’s amazingly addicting — I trust most won’t tire of it quickly. Each track has just the right change-up from the previous, yet the album remains cohesive. It’s difficult to to pick out just a couple of favorite tracks.

Bend Beyond starts out with a folksy, somewhat psychedelic slow rock sound, highlighting the guitar skills of Jeremy Earl and Jarvis Taveniere. These tracks are catchy enough to make most people say, “Yeah, this sounds like the album could be worth a listen.” The album slows down with the third track, It Ain’t Easy, a mournful yet lovable track. The next track, Cascade, uses a heavier sound with a guitar solo and leads into another slow, folksy song, Back to the Stone. Here the album begins to shed more light onto stylistically indie sounds reminiscent of bands like The Shins and Real Estate.


The final quarter of the album is amazing. The track Lily is so sweet and lovely, but upbeat and hopeful, building in the second half with percussion into a much happier song. The album climaxes with a catchy melody in a lo-fi rock heaven Size meets the sound. Bend Beyond ends on with a hopeful, affectionate air. You’ll know it’s ending, but like any great album, you won’t want it to end.


Woods was formed in Brooklyn in 2005. The band is comprised of Jeremy Earl on vocals and guitar, Jarvis Taveniere (multi-instrumentalist) on guitar, bassist Kevin Morby, and Aaron Neveu on drums. G. Lucas Crane sings affected vocals and is the ‘tape manipulator’ of the band. He records samples, mixes and cross-fades all on cassette tapes.

Want to learn more about Woods? Check out their website,  facebook, soundcloud page, and if you’re using spotify, here’s a link to the album!