I’ve always been interested in having my own website. Back in the day, I had freewebs website (about absolutely nothing in particular). I customized the heck out of my Myspace profile in high school – I loved me some html code, that’s for sure. I’ve tried blogspot, but I never really “felt” it. It’s been a while since I’ve done any of these, and since then I’ve been posting all of my would-be-blog-posts on the Twitter & Facebook, in turn annoying my followers & friends with a constant flow of all things I feel “important”.

Well, I’m back on the internet, this time with my own domain name: waitingonanikki.com is my platform to post art that I create, the art that others create, or the things I find interesting/entertaining in general.

Tl;dr Basically, there are no rules. This is my website so that I can share with the world the things I see fit.