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“Saint of Me” – Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones are my favorite band ever!!!!!!  This song is awesome for one of their “newer” ones (on Bridges to Babylon from 1998). They’ll never make a saint of me either, Mick!


Lady Gaga for MAC Viva Glam

Rubix Cube Art


Found on reddit.com/r/art

“I Say Fever” Music Video

Oooohh this to be very creepy-cool.. Music video to “I Say Fever” by Ramona Falls. I believe it’s from 2009.


Born This Way Ball

Lady Gaga – Born This Way Ball

Official tour poster! I’m so excited!

I painted a picture…

“Robin Sparkles” 24×36 acrylic on canvas

A friend dressed up as the How I Met Your Mother character, Robin, for Halloween, then uploaded this really cool photoshopped and super rad pic of her onto facebook. So I asked if I could paint it, and she said yeah!

Like it?

Artist Spotlight: Natalia Fabia

So I saw this on a website for a NYC art gallery I happen to “like” on facebook. All the art was pretty and bright and full of girls, so I decided to explore through Fabia’s other artwork. The result? I LOVE IT!

Natalia Fabia was raised in SoCal and studied at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. Her work is inspired by light, color, punk rock music, hot chicks and sparkles, and her fascination with “hookers”. It’s pretty easy to see why I enjoy her work so much.

I posted some of my favorite pieces here in “gallery” form for your viewing pleasure.

Check out her website too! http://www.nataliafabia.com/

Artist Spotlight: Carne Griffiths

Carne Griffiths creates art using calligraphy ink, graphite and liquids, such as tea brandy, vodka and whiskey.  His work starts with a line, then a gentle deformation of the line, creating a soft look. After working as an embroidery designer for 12 years, he adapted those skills (hence floral pattern, repetition and flow) into his art.

Absolutely beautiful.

Carne Griffiths’ facebook page

I Wish…

I wish I could do photography.

No camera. No “know-how”.


I like to draw

I took an art class in high school. I really enjoyed it! I took a drawing class at my community college a year later. I enjoy drawing, and just this past year, got back into art. I’m very happy that I did.

Here’s some stuff I’ve drawn that I’ve actually photographed:

Title: Still Life

Date: 2007

About: This was draw during Art Class at my community college. It was a good class. Our professor emphasized bringing motion to pieces, and a pathway for the eye to follow. Don’t know if this was quite good enough for her… But it won 1st prize at Cloverdale Citrus Fair!

Title: Backyard

Date: 2009

About: I got on a kick to draw one day, busted out the old Conte crayons, and this happened. This is a pond in my backyard at the house I grew up in.

Title: No Title – Mixed Media

Date: 2009

About: Though photographed poorly, I started this piece with a layer of water colors, then added oil pastels and decided to glue some construction paper and cool brassy metal stuff on there. It’s different…

Title: Model

Date: Spring 2011

About: This I drew inspired by an ad from Vogue for some clothing company. I had recently decided to try art again for serious at that time. It was a good starting point.

Title: Lady Gaga

Date: Spring 2011

About: Lady Gaga has really inspired me this past year, with her message of self-acceptance. I decided to draw this picture of her. I kind of love that in this photo of this drawing you can see eraser dust on the picture, and if you look hard enough, there are spots of red wine it as well. Oops! Also, I shared it on twitter once. Perez Hilton said it was nice.

Title: Ballet Dancer

Date: Spring 2011

About: I was in the mood to draw a ballerina, so I’m pretty sure I googled the word “ballet dancer” and decided to do a piece based upon the first image that showed up on the search results. I love this photo of this piece. In the background is the desk of my dorm room. The dim lighting brings me back to the moment of drawing this, that’s for sure.

Title: Gaga Judas

Date: Spring 2011

About: This is inspired by a still of Lady Gaga’s Judas video. It’s a creepy piece, I admit – but the video was creepy. It was done with charcoal (one of my favorite mediums to work with! – so messy!).

Title: Abstract

Date: Summer 2011

About: It’s charcoal on grey paper. I was pretty much just experimenting with this one, it doesn’t mean much to me.

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