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“Saint of Me” – Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones are my favorite band ever!!!!!!  This song is awesome for one of their “newer” ones (on Bridges to Babylon from 1998). They’ll never make a saint of me either, Mick!


“Don’t Stand So Close To Me” – The Police

Song of the morning!!! Haha this video is cool, just The Police dancing around in graduation robes and even with mortar board grad caps. I like that it serves as a subtle reminder for my own looming graduation.

“Something To Look Forward Too” – Spoon

I’m just going to start posting a new video each day. I’m going to try and go with the first song that pops into my head, that I’m conscious of anyway. Spoon is such a great band!!!! This is definitely not my favorite song by them, but it came to me while I was lost in waking-up-land so here it is!!!!

“December” – Collective Soul

T first song that popped into my head this morning!!! I’ve been lucky enough to wake up with some good songs lately.. This gem of a song came out in March of 1995 when I was 5 years old. SUCH A GOOD SONG!


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